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B is for Brand

What is a Brand anyway? These days, a lot of us throw ‘brand’ around like it’s some kind of magic word. Half the time, I swear people aren’t speaking the same language. Some people use the word ‘brand’ as a synonym for ‘logo.’ Some people use it synonymous with public relations. Others think it’s something […]

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C is for Clarity

What’s your point? Getting clear on your brand message is essential to successful marketing. If you’re all turned on by Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites, that’s cool; but are you clear about how you’re using these tools? Are you strategic in how you post? Are you always pointing back to your brand […]


A is for Advertising

Print Advertising Is Not Dead. With all the marketing and social media options available today, many people and marketing pundits are advocating that traditional print advertising is becoming obsolete. Shame on them! Advertising is still one of the best ways to shape your message and support your brand. A good strategy at the local and […]