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Brand Vision Board

Why it’s so important to create a brand vision board. Certainly, you have a vision for your business – who you are, who you serve, where you want to be. But how does that translate into your brand? Having a clear and concise vision for your brand is key, especially for a designer! I always […]

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Social Media Cheat Sheet

We hear it all the time, I don’t have time to be on Social Media. I don’t see the benefit in it for my businesses. We get it – business owners are a busy breed, and time is our biggest asset. We hear you, and we respect your value of time. But you know who […]

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3 Tips for A Better Work – Life Balance

Urban Dictionary defines Work-Life Balance as “a slogan that has generated tons of literature on the subject on how to organize our stressful lives, as if life and job could be separated.” These days with smartphones and all the technology that constantly keeps us connected, it’s hard to separate work life from personal life. But […]