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Brand Vision Board

Why it’s so important to create a brand vision board.

Certainly, you have a vision for your business – who you are, who you serve, where you want to be. But how does that translate into your brand?

Having a clear and concise vision for your brand is key, especially for a designer! I always find it to be the most helpful when our clients and team have a clear direction of what they want their brand to represent and emulate. We like to get down to the root of things and ask some key question before beginning. What colors are you drawn toward for your brand? What’s the look and feel you’re aiming for? Are you targeting a certain age group or gender? What message are you trying to convey? We take all of this information and start off our branding process with a brand vision board. Creating these boards can make you think about your ideal client and what will resonate with them and yourself.

I find it useful to peruse images, searching for keywords that are important to the brand. For instance, we have a client who was looking for help with her brand. She’s a contractor of sorts and was looking for help setting herself apart in a male-dominated industry. Although our team wanted to introduce femininity to differentiate her branding from others, we didn’t want it to be an obvious or over the top part of the design. We created imagery that revolved around interior renovations and the process, hand drawn elements with a lighter feel, and simple but bold colors. Through this process we were able to hone down a general look and feel for her, and from there begin design work on her logo and branding.

What makes this process so great is being able to check in with our clients and ourselves as a team. How do we feel about this general direction? Is this representing our client well and with intention? If all of our boxes are checked, then we move onto creating a beautiful and dynamic brand around our approved brand vision board.

By creating a brand vision board at the onset of a project gives us direction before we begin to design a logo can help create a cohesive brand image. In the end, your brand will reflect your business and your vision.


Riddy Hosser
Art Director
DARCI Creative