K is for Kick-Ass Creative


What drives success? Well, when it comes to marketing, I feel it’s a split between intelligent strategic planning and kick-ass creative. After many years in the field I’ve crossed paths with shops who have a primary strength in one area or the other. Some are whiz-bangs at strategic planning but lack any real creative flair, and others are all about the creative with little interest in strategy. In practice, you need both.


Of course, the creative is the fun part. But it’s a lot like life, really. You can be creative with the way you dress, or decorate your home, or pick up chicks — whatever. But, you still have to clean the house, pay the bills and plan for the future.


A lot of people may think that branding is all about being creative, but the best brands are driven first by the strategy. Take this example that we did for our physical therapy client, ProEx.



We developed the brand position of Get Going. and in this piece we created a look and feel that’s all about movement. Like the graphics below – each creative piece that we designed was meant to further distinguish the ProEx brand and promote a “life in motion” for each of its patients.

Untitled Untitled


And the best part? When the client saw the online flash ad we developed as part of this campaign, he wrote back: “This is kick-ass.” Moral of the story? Live creatively and be smart about it.


At DARCI, we live for creative thinking; it’s what drives us and what sets us apart. In fact, our corporate culture is centered on the idea that creativity is Queen. From brand consulting and strategic planning, to public relations and web development, we have twenty-plus years of experience to back up our knowledge and recommendations. Let’s talk.