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B is for Brand

What is a Brand anyway?

sdfgThese days, a lot of us throw ‘brand’ around like it’s some kind of magic word. Half the time, I swear people aren’t speaking the same language. Some people use the word ‘brand’ as a synonym for ‘logo.’ Some people use it synonymous with public relations. Others think it’s something to do with their online presence and website.

The truth is, your Brand is your promise and needs to be reflected in all of these things. It’s the experience you offer that is unique. It’s what a customer comes away with when they purchase your product or service. Take Nike. Just do it. What are they getting at here? They want you to get active, get fit, feel good and wear their merchandise while you’re doing it. A lot went into boiling that all down to a cool logo that everyone now refers to as “the swish,” which evokes action, and a potent tag line that inspires action. I’m sure the branding team who developed this sturdy, sustainable brand went through a lot of options before they landed on the winner.

When you think about your Brand, think about what makes you different. Think about how you can succinctly communicate that to your target audience. Think about how you want to be perceived and how you can inspire people to do business with you. But do think about it. And make sure that all your marketing communications point back to, and support, your brand promise.

And — keep it simple (that’s the hard part). Just do it.


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  1. Rosemary Breehl says:

    Hi Darci:

    I’m so happy to read something intelligent about What a Brand is. This is a really good explanation.

    As a Certified Brand Strategist, we hear all kinds of explanations … mostly tactical like logos and tag lines. But this is really the heart of what our organization teaches.

    Thanks for sharing this. You might like to get on our website: brandestablishment.com since you are like-minded in your opinion of what a brand is, you may enjoy the site. (We are in the process of updating the site.) It will contain much more information, so if you’d like to discuss something, I’d be happy to talk with you.

    My email is above, but just in case: ro@brandestablishment.com

    • darci says:

      Hi Rosemary,

      Great to get your comment! I had run across the Brand Establishment website a while back. Maybe through Second Wind? I’d enjoy keeping a dialogue going, I’m excited about my new blog, and really appreciate you reaching out. Can I ask how you found it? Thanks, Darci

      • Rosemary Breehl says:


        I found you through Google Alerts – Brand Development and really like your blog. I’d love to keep the dialogue going as well.

        Are you interested at all in learning more about The Brand Establishment? It’s really a cool organization filled with smart people who believe in the power of the brand … just like you.

        The best way to respond to me is to my email: ro@brandestablishment.com or ro@btzbrand.com
        I also am President of a Brand Communications and Marketing firm in Cleveland, Ohio.

        I’m looking forward to connecting with you. You can also call me at: 440-759-9242.

        Wishing you the happiest of holidays with much success in the coming year.


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