Brand Muffins

Brand Muffins™ is a passion project of ours, and one that our team got off the ground after six years of dreaming and scheming.

The Challenge

The origin? In serving our clients, large and small across New England, we realized that there was a group in need of something extra: small business owners. These entrepreneurs, particularly those launching a business for the first time, didn’t know where to begin. They weren’t sure where to invest their time, their money, and their efforts when it came to marketing strategy (and they often were limited in budget). They found our services attractive, but they needed something more streamlined and budget-friendly to get their business off the ground.

The Execution

From naming each Brand Muffins™ package (the Mini, Mojo, and Monster Muffin), to designing customizable, industry-tailored web templates and supplemental marketing materials, we built the brand to be fun, friendly and accessible for the new business owner – including those who may be “shy” to get started on building a foundation for their business. We had fun with baking analogies and creative content. But, more importantly, we designed Brand Muffins™ with ease and convenience in mind.

Included in the execution:

Brand Identity & Logo Design  /  Web Design  /  Social Media Management  /  Custom Social Media Graphics  /  Eblast Design &  Execution  /  Print Advertising  /  Supplemental Marketing Materials  /  Branding Expertise & Recommendations

The Strategy

Our solution became an entirely separate entity of DARCI Creative, and one that we were proud to launch in 2017: the Brand Muffin™. Much like a bran muffin, these packages are small, sweet, and nutritious. We created an efficient system for entrepreneurs to launch or re-launch their brand with what we call digital brand boosters – complete with web design and the branding expertise of DARCI Creative – at an attractive price point for the new business owner.

The Results

Our feedback so far? Positive! With Brand Muffins™ so new to the market, only time will tell how much traction our digital brand boosters will receive and the kind of business owners we attract. One thing we know for sure, though, is that there is a clear need for Brand Muffins™ in the marketplace, and we have received a number of leads from small business owners already. If you’re looking for a brand boost, we recommend you visit for a tasting!